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In the state of Alabama GAP Insurance has a bad reputation because of the many rate increases the plans have had historically. Some companies have been moved to different insurance companies or different Third-Party Administrators 5 or 6 times in the past 6-7 years. Many well-intended brokers have blamed the carriers or the TPA’s for the rate increases and worked hard to find a carrier that promises they will not give a rate increase. What we are continuing to see is carriers over promise and then give a rate increase in a year, or two at most.

Andy Martin, CLU, ChFC took early retirement after serving as President of the largest life insurance brokerage firm in the south for 19 years. Andy’s former firm had gotten into the GAP insurance business with a firm that specialized in GAP insurance and quickly started selling millions of dollars of premium. When he decided to step down, he was approached to purchase the GAP firm he had worked with closely.

During almost one year of studying the GAP concept and performing due diligence on the company, and the condition of the GAP market in Alabama, he met with several professionals in the industry and executives from Key Benefit Administrators to see why GAP was having rates increases, including the company he was about to purchase, in Alabama and not in other states.

What the team discovered was GAP was being OVER-SOLD and employers were being told they could give their employees 100% coverage with a substantial GAP policy. This 100% coverage flew in the face of conventional healthcare norms that knew from decades of study the consumer must participate in the cost of healthcare or they would over utilize it and drive HIGHER healthcare rates.

“SUSTAINABLE GAP” is a copyrighted concept by Providence Benefits, LLC of Birmingham, AL. Company president, Andy Martin CLU, ChFC spent a year studying how good plan design can lower utilization on the primary health care plan and the GAP plan. “SUSTAINABLE GAP” is designed to show the workers they can still take personal responsibility not to go the Doctor too often. “SUSTAINABLE GAP” incorporate innovative concepts that can lower the cost of seeing a doctor while not increasing utilization. It can also show people how to lower the cost of medical procedures and their prescription drugs.

If you would like to be educated about “SUTAINABLE GAP”, please feel free to contact Andy Martin CLU, ChFC with Providence Benefits, LLC in Birmingham, Alabama at 205-848-8100 or email him at You can also visit their website at


While no plan can guarantee there will be no rate increases, your  partnership with Providence Benefits we  believe will help you  create a different strategy that will be less likely to have regular rate increases. Contact us today, what do you have to lose, but maybe another rate increase?


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